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Paige (Denise Richards), Kate (Marley Shelton), Dorothy (Jessica Capshaw) and Lily (Jessica Cauffiel) have been friends since grade school. Now sexy and successful young 20-somethings, they are re-untied at the funeral of school friend Shelley (Katherine Heigl) following her murder after a blind date. When the remaining girls start receiving unsavory and anonymous Valentine's Day cards, it points to Jeremy Melton (Joel Palmer), the boy they rejected at the Valentine's Day dance thirteen years ago. Jeremy wants revenge and in the most gruesome ways.

Review by Shannon J Harvey:
Ahhh, the trusty old B-grade genre of teen slasher revenge movies. Does vengeance come any sweeter? What's better than renting the DVD on Friday night, squirming at its bloodlust and poking fun at its camp foibles with friends? Okay, so that may have cut it in the 80s, but horror flicks have been smarter, more self-reflective and chic in the past decade. While Valentine shares a hot young cast and cool references with its 90s brethren, it's the biggest throwback to 80s slasher flicks since Halloween H2O. As such, Valentine only appeals to body count buffs and fans of Denise Richards's hefty bust.

For all its good looks, it's another lazy slasher movie where scantily clad virgins do silly things and almost every character is made to look guilty before being butchered in increasingly inventive ways. There's a spectacular bow and arrow/garbage dumpster double act and a nasty variation on the old "hot tub and electrical appliance" favourite. As for filmic references, there's a Carrie-like Prom scene where red punch is poured over young Jeremy's head and a Psycho-like shower scene without much irony.

But even though much of the film looks like it could be an assemblage of Australian director Jamie Blanks's (Urban Legend) favourite horror movie scenes, his audio commentary reveals a regret for including some all-too gratuitous horror references. Blanks' commentary gives a rather technical wrap about making the film as he explains the vices of working under pressure, to deadlines, other people's schedules and within budget constraints. You get the feeling he's apologizing for a lousy film, but you've gotta hand it to the young Aussie horror buff who's living his dream in Hollywood by making B-horror movies like the ones he grew up on. The Club Reel is merely a music video. The studio extras is an eight-minute behind-the-scenes advertorial featuring on-set cast and crew interviews about how horrifying Valentine's Days can be. What better than base a horror movie on it, right? Or to re-live the 80s watching it?

Published February 7, 2002

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CAST: Denise Richards, David Borenaz, Marley Shelton, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Capshaw, Jessica Cauffiel, Daniel Cosgrove, Hedy Burres, Joel Palmer

DIRECTOR: Jamie Blanks

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary with Director Jamie Blanks; Club Reel; Cast and Crew; Studio Extras; Theatrical Trailer; Widescreen 2.35:1; Widescreen 16:9 enhanced; Dolby Digital 5.1

DVD DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Home Entertainment

DVD RELEASE: February 6, 2002

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