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"That was so quick, we thought there must be a catch, because there's nothing worse than coming THIS close to making a film you've been trying to make. "  -Aussie writer Leigh Whannell on getting the greenlight for Saw
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In the year 2455, a transport ship filled with scantily clad space teens (Melyssa Ade, Dov Tiefenbach), gun-toting bad-asses (Peter Mensah, Jeff Geddis, Markus Parilo) and a lovelorn android (Lisa Ryder) discovers two cryogenically frozen bodies at the ruins of Crystal Lake, where Jason's reign of terror began nine movies ago. One popsicle is a gorgeous, underdressed survivor named Rowan (Lexa Doig). The other is a battered hulk holding a machete and wearing a hockey mask. Before Rowan can scream "don't hit the defrost button'' they do, and the slaughter begins. It gets worse when Jason gets a high-tech refit. Who can stop him?

Review by Richard Kuipers:
Having endured all 10 Friday the 13th entries I'd rate this as the second-worst, just behind Friday the 13th Part V - A New Beginning (1985). There's not even a token attempt to connect this with Part 9 (Jason Goes To Hell), which ended with Freddy Krueger's glove rising from the earth to snatch Jason's infamous hockey mask. The long-delayed Jason Meets Freddy project - with Ronny Yu directing - is only now in pre-production, leaving this 10th chapter adrift like a cinematic orphan no-one wants to know. Why should they? With cardboard sets inspired by 80s cheapies like Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity and Star Slammer, there's nothing much to look at as the man in the hockey mask makes mincemeat out of medical students. The dialogue is also particularly inane, even for a Jason film. There's a scene in which the pilot-less Jason-carrying vessel blows up a large space station. An evil doctor who's trying to keep Jason alive for his own gain says 'don't worry, we just overshot the approach - we'll turn around and try again'. Elsewhere, observers of Z-grade atrocities will be comforted to know that in 2455 the 'have sex and die' rules have not changed. The young female students are decked out in plunging necklines and midriff-revealing tops; all ready to hop under a space blanket with the nearest boy and wait for Jason to arrive. A low-low-low rent version of Alien, Jason X doesn't work even when it's trying to send itself up. I chuckled in the final two minutes but that may have been relief that the previous 91 were finally over. Jason X was made 2 years ago and I'd have been happy if its release had been delayed by another 453 years.

Review by Shannon J. Harvey:
There's two ways of watching the laughably bad Jason X (aka Friday the 13th part 10). Take it seriously and find yourself in more trouble than the bimbos Jason (Kane Hodder) delights in slicing and dicing. Or take it for what it is and have a real scream. What else can you do with part 10 of a stupidly repetitive post-Scream slasher franchise? At least director Jason Isaac (director of House 3) and first-time writer Todd Farmer try to breathe new life into this undead franchise by taking it into the future. Which sounds ridiculous - and is - but at least it allows the addition of gruesome special effects. There are cool weapons, a holodeck that creates other worlds, and limb regeneration. So one by one, within the claustrophobic confines of a deep space vessel (Alien, anyone?), people are de-limbed, disembowelled, sliced in half, corkscrewed and liquid iced. Cool! But this is still a bad slasher flick, and the same rules apply. You're gonna die if you a) dare take Jason on, b) have the audacity to say "I'll be right back'', c) have sex, d) are a big breasted bimbo, or e) are in the same room as the guy with the hockey mask. Jason X also steals from the pumped-up weapon-toting grunts in Aliens, and from Alien 4's earth-bound ending. Sigourney Weaver should sue! But the best part of this brain-dead movie is its willingness to do anything for a laugh, scare, or just sheer confusion. How's this: at Crystal Lake, two giggly girls taunt Jason by taking off their tops and hopping into sleeping bags. What does he do? He picks up the first sack-girl and uses her to beat the other sack-girl to death! What a riot! Let me end with the only intelligent line in this hilarious horror, for when a hole is blown in the spaceship and everyone is about to be sucked into outer-space, one girl looks up and screams, "This sucks on SO many levels!'' You said it, baby! But you forgot that in space, no one can hear you scream.

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CAST: Kane Hodder, Jeff Geddis, Lexa Doig, David Cronenberg, Markus Parilo, Jonathan Potts

PRODUCER: Noel Cunningham, James Isaac

DIRECTOR: James Isaac

SCRIPT: Victor Miller, Todd Farmer

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Derick V. Underschultz

EDITOR: Whitney Brooke Wheeler, David Handman, Natalie Pope

MUSIC: Harry Manfredini


RUNNING TIME: 92 minutes



VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR: Roadshow Entertainment

VIDEO RELEASE: January 22, 2002

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