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In southern France, a woman (Dominique Reymond) and her seven children live on and work the farm of her lover and their father (Daniel Duval); he has a wife and family on another, larger property. His feelings for his bastard brood work in reverse proportion to their ages: he dotes on the baby boy and pats the children on the head while he snarls at the teens and works them hard. Itís as though he sees them as bonds. When they reach maturity he treats them as property, to use as he wishes. The mother recognises her helplessness but when he makes a move on their eldest daughter, she shuts him out. Or tries to.

"This extraordinary debut-film from Sandrine Veysset is the epitome of cinematic poetry, a slice-of-life character based piece, at which the French excel. Veyssetís heart-felt film tells the story of a stoic, selfless woman on the land, who above everything, is a loving and caring mother. She protects her beloved children ferociously, offering them the only thing she can - her unconditional love. We are privy to a glimpse inside this hard rural life, which, although fraught with nothing but slave-like toil, gleams with integrity of spirit and magic of the soul. We see the impact of the seasons - the unrelenting heat, the bitter cold, the driving rainÖ The performances are amazing - Dominique Reymond, as the mother, who sacrifices everything for her children, while still managing to retain a sense of hope; Dominique Reymond allows a fragment of charm to seep through his obsessive, despicable character, has the perfect balance. With totally naturalistic performances, the children will tug at your heart strings. Throughout this tale of heart break and despair, there is an overwhelming sense of simplicity for survival Ė for just managing - because thatís how it is. Will it Snow for Christmas is a film about the human spirit that moves, enchants, and ultimately uplifts as a struggle against the odds."
Louise Keller

"Whatís remarkable about the story - the time period, like the parentsí names remains unspecified - is its matter-of-fact narration. The film doesnít plead for our sympathy on behalf of the mother and children. It treats its characters and audience with respect. Like the mother, we donít need to see what the father did to the daughter to know that somethingís wrong. From the depiction of farm life to the cowed indifference of onlookers, itís intensely realistic in every way but one: the mother never loses her patience with her kids, let alone get mad at them. What saves her from saintliness is Reymond, an exceptional Swiss stage actress; you have no choice but to believe she is the mother of these seven kids because she so obviously loves them. Will it Snow for Christmas? Is a gentle, if not disturbing drama, a poetic and complex work that only the French can do with masterful sensitivity."
Paul Fischer

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Yíaura tíil de la neige ŗ NoŽl


CAST: Dominique Reymond, Daniel Duval, Jessica Martinez, Alexandre Roger, Xavier Colonna, Fanny Rochetin, Flavie Chimenes, Jeremy Chaix, Guillaume Mathonne

DIRECTOR: Sandrine Veysset

PRODUCER: Humbert Balsan

SCRIPT: Sandrine Veysset


EDITOR: Nelly Quettier

ART DIRECTOR: Elie Poicard

RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes


AUSTRALIAN RELEASE: December 11, 1997

Cesars: Best Debut Feature;
Prix Louis-Delluc 1996: Best French Film;
9th Paris Film Festival: Special Jury Prize, Best Actress;
Sydney Film Festival 1997: Critics Award for Best First Film

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