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Upon the death of their father, down-on-their-luck brothers Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars Smuntz (Lee Evans) are surprised to learn that their inheritance is an old mansion that both assume is worthless. But they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, the dilapidated homestead is an architectural masterpiece worth millions. Just as the hapless Smuntzes are all set to cash in, they discover there's one very small problem keeping them from their dream of life on Easy Street. The house is occupied by a tenacious mouse, who has no intention of vacating the premises. Suddenly, it's men versus a very smart mouse as the two brothers square off against the wily rodent in a battle of wills that may just bring down the house.

"Mousehunt is a real charmer, a delightful man versus mouse tale that will prompt cheesy grins all round. An irresistible combination of farce, slapstick and a cute little mouse guaranteed to put Flick out of business, this playful romp marries absurdity and chaos, with occasional touches of subtlety. Believe it or not, 60 highly intelligent mice were trained to share the stunts and action which included running, climbing, grabbing an olive and even jumping into a sardine can bed under a tissue paper blanket! It seems they were so endearing, cast and crew allegedly adopted some of the little rodents after the shoot! Five cats were trained to play Catzilla, the ‘one mean pussy with mental tendencies’. Set in a stylised, timeless land where anything is possible. The casting is inspired with the ebullient, talented Nathan Lane and versatile, visual comic Lee Evans, who complement each other wonderfully with bumbling slapstick and sophisticated comedy that is an art form. Christopher Walken is maniacal as the crazy mouse-assassin, hired to eliminate ‘Hitler with a tail’. Gore Verbinski’s comedic style and sense of anticipation brings this tale (pun intended) to life with great charm, greatly aided by a marvellous soundtrack, accenting the dramatic, comic and playful elements to perfection. Sure to bring the house down in more ways than one, Mousehunt is a fun choice for the whole family, bringing a dose of nonsense, laughter and good cheer."
Louise Keller

"The Christmas season is here and a jollier movie to gnaw on this season would be hard to find. Mousehunt is a frenetically-paced farce, deliriously funny with an old fashioned sense of style. Think of this as Tom and Jerry meets Laurel and Hardy, the 1920s meets the 20th century. It's a deft package, one that has enough farce to please the kids, but the adults won't feel cheated either, because the movie's snappy script has enough witty one-liners to keep them amused. Mouse Hunt has been beautifully and imaginatively directed. While the mouse sequences, using real, animated and computer generated mice, are themselves superbly handled, the whole design of the film is extraordinary. There are memorable sequences where the mouse is running beneath the belly of the Gothic mansion where much of the picture takes place, and cameras sweep and dive through every nook and cranny giving one a marvellous visual take on the house of the mouse. Splendid to look at, with a brisk musical score that captures the film's comic flavour, first-time director Gore Verbinsky handles the material with a sense of pace and style, never losing sight of his characters, so beautifully brought to life by a wonderful comic cast. Full marks to Nathan Lane, who has all the best dialogue, and a surprise comic turn by Christopher Walken as a loony exterminator. Funny and deliriously entertaining, it's not too cheesy."
Paul Fischer

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CAST: Nathan Lane, Lee Evans, William Hickey, Vicki Lewis, Christopher Walken, Maury Chaykin, Eric Christmas, Michael Jeter, Annabelle Gurwitch

DIRECTOR: Gore Verbinski

PRODUCER: Bruce Cohen, Tony Ludwig

SCRIPT: Adam Rifkin

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Phedon Papa’Michael

EDITOR: Craig Wood

MUSIC: Alan Silvestri


RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes



RELEASE DATE: Apr 2, 1999

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