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"There was a certain kind of joy in the way that the Martians just come and smash everything up. "  -Jonathan Gems, writer, Mars Attacks!
 The World of Film in Australia - on the Internet Updated Tuesday August 21, 2018 

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We are unable to resist the temptation to publish unsolicited praise (a mortal sin, we know) and here’s a sample from some of our satisfied subscribers, who we humbly thank.

Hi Andrew, Louise & colleagues
I've just got to say that since I discovered this site my movie viewing has been enhanced many times over. Once I used to watch a film, then forget about it. These days I love to read the reviews, the background, the interviews, the director's comments, etc. I've also rediscovered the pleasure of great cinemas like the Nova and Cinema Europa in Melbourne. Then I like to buy the dvds and listen to the commentaries and watch the documentaries as well. In quite a few cases I've bought the books and the soundtracks as well. So, you've got me hooked. And what's more, my friends are all getting into Urban Cinefile too, so I no longer feel out of my depth when people are discussing movies. 
So thanks again – Urban Cinefile's my home page at home and at work & worth every cent of the surprisingly low subscription fee. 
Much appreciated & keep going strong.
Garry Chapman

Being a cheapskate I was delighted to have unfettered access to your reviews for this limited period. I've found them ENORMOUSLY useful preparation for Upper School English classes. Think I will have to subscribe - the months of headlines only have been purgatory!
Keep up the great work.
Kathy Dawson

Dear Urban Cinefile...we finally got to really "get into" our GOLD Membership....It is WOW....Thank you for a great website and premier internet service....we can have fun all week! You can quote that!! 
Gabrielle & Patrick Simpson

Thanks so much for a first class effort with your Cinefile!
David Mitchell

Thanks for the great website.
Jo O'Dea

Needed a quick reference; your site provided it instantaneously. Love your detail, thanks.
Anthony A. Henderson

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