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Jim the "perv" and Michelle the "nympho" from past "Pies" have been going together for three years and Jim thinks it's high time to join together in unholy wedlock. The lovebirds (Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan) cannot risk the crass and crazy Stifler (Seann William Scott) spoiling their big day and so decide not to invite him. And Jim's Dad (Eugene Levy) is still giving well-meaning but clueless advice to his son and future daughter -in-law. When Michelle's stunning blonde sister Cadence (January Jones) breezes in and takes an immediate shine to the supercilious Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Stifler decides that he's got to be the chameleon pretend to be real nice to woo her away from Finch and worm his way to the wedding.

Review by Keith Lofthouse:
In the original sin Jim violated a piece of pie and kids everywhere chorused, “cool, dude!” I hated it. In the even stickier sequel, Jim had a trumpet rammed up his behind, while Stifler copped a mouthful of pee and kids chanted, “ace, awesome!” I deplored it. In instalment three, just as Jim is about to propose, Michelle goes down under the table in a busy restaurant to “pop his cork” and I thought, “oh, no…here we go again.” Once upon a time, they said that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”…but that was before toilet humour gurgled up from the S-bend and teenagers lapsed into apoplectic laughter the first time a fart thundered from the screen.

For more sophisticated folk, the good news is that The Wedding is a rites of passage tale that rises above the ribaldry of its ancestors with a script that’s the strongest of the three…and even offers Stifler some redemption. Jim has graduated from college and is determined to prove his worth as a future son-in-law to Michelle’s snooty parents and now everyone has matured enough to know that Steve Stifler is a stuff-up. Make no mistake, disgusting things still happen when Stifler horns in…he wants to put on a “dildo show” for Jim’s bachelor night and in one foul moment (when trying to impress Michelle’s folks) he is forced into a close encounter with a fresh load of pooch poo! Somehow, William Scott, as the guy you hate to love, makes all of this seem palatable. He’s game for anything and his stretch of facial expressions is as elastic as Steve Martin’s or Jim Carrey’s.

The focus is on Stifler this time round and the film is funnier and more energetic for it. There’s a memorable moment in a gay bar when Stifler, his masculinity emasculated by a hulking mince, is forced into a dance-off to a medley of toe-tapping disco hits. Briggs too has a presence. He genuinely seems embarrassed when he has to drop his pants and Hannigan, with a face that makes one think (for those who remember) of Imogene Coca and Olive Oyl, cooks up a fine balance of apple pie and tart. Nothing much really has changed: “I’m still a nympho,” she says. “And I’m still a perve,” he says, but they’ve grown, and we’ve prospered.

The DVD release comes with a fanfare from its distributors: “Features eight minutes of sensational never-before-seen footage and an additional 17 minutes of ‘spiced-up’ scenes, replacing those from the theatrical release – MORE strippers, SHOCKING Bachelor Party scenes and RITUAL humiliation.” The caps are theirs, not mine. Most of this is rather tamely administered by the featured dominatrix Officer Krystal (Nikki Ziering) but, make no mistake, the boobs ARE impressive and the cast certainly get into the sexy spirit of things. There are 13 deleted scenes no less, including a couple of regrettable exclusions for Eugene Levy (as Dad) and Angela Paton (as Grandma). The behind the scenes camera catches up with William Scott in hilarious improvisation with a pair of blow-up floozies: “I like your hair like that…why don’t you talk to me?...who’s your friend.” Unfortunately, Stifler’s unspeakable encounter with Grandma in the closet, DID make the movie.

Published January 22, 2004

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(US, 2003)

CAST: Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan

DIRECTOR: Jesse Dylan

SCRIPT: Adam Herz

RUNNING TIME: 99 minutes

PRESENTATION: Anamorphic widescreen. 2:35.1. Audio 5.1 Surround.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Features and Featurettes: Enter the Dominatrix - Inside the Bachelor Party, Stifler Speak, Grooming the Groom, Cheesy Wedding Video, Nikki's Hollywood Journal. Feature Commentary with Seann William Scott and Jesse Dylan. Feature Commentary with Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Thomas Ian Nicholas. Deleted Scenes & Outtakes. Unrated Introduction


DVD RELEASE: January 21, 2004

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